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In this contentious political climate, as we as a country are in the early stages of constructing a border wall, we all need to be aware of our use of language and the perceptions that our language creates. Perceptions often become reality itself. So when we as a nation grapple with issues surrounding undocumented migrants, who may be living lawful existences in the U.S., aside from the initial and ongoing act of violating our lawful immigration process, we need to avoid the temptation of classifying or referring to these people collectively as " Illegals."  They are undocumented migrants, who have committed an illegal act, but are not, in the form of a noun, to be called "Illegals."

If we become mindful of things like this, we can re-frame our discourse on the matter and humanize it, talking clearly and not disparagingly, and not adding to the welling uncertainty and fears of millions of people.

Yes, we are a nation of laws. Let us also be a nation of respectful language and behavior too.

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