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The revealing aspect of sensibility divide in this country was never more clearly evident than in the aftermath of Late Night Host Jimmy Kimmel's emotional plea to preserve the Affordable Care Act. Most notably, the Tweet reply coming from a man who once s
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I'm sure most travelers have encountered over booked flights and the offers from the airline to take a later flight; that is to say, voluntarily surrendering your ticket in exchange for something that is appealing: vouchers, cash, etc.... In this instance
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A federal judge in Hawaii has blocked the administration's attempt to impose a 90 day ban on foreign nationals from 6 Muslim majority countries from entering the U.S. The judge's ruling cited the Establishment Clause of the Constitution, stating that the b
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Health care reform seems to be at an impasse. In it's current form, it angers many people with soaring premiums, over 100% in states like Arizona this year, and fewer participating providers; on the other side, you have the argument against ballooning enti
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Another Trump event, another day of conflict and even violence. Even the event organizer herself was attacked with pepper spray. Leaving aside the issue of paid, professional agitators, who may or may not ignite some of the violence at these events, there
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This is inspired by, and mainly a summary of, a discussion by two of our members, Truthbetold and JustMyOpinion.   In responding to the Topic of the Day on 3-8-2017, "....Do you believe protests, activism and strikes are effective actions to drive greate
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Curbside Congress is an exciting forum, not limited to the internet, as the voices of our members are heard on this site and out in communities across America! Curbside will fully launch with a Curbside vehicle, with a producer and reporter, making the jou
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When the outcome of a national election inspires as much anger and resentment as optimism and illumination, something needs to change other than the resident in the White House. We are at a point, a critical juncture of development as a society, where the
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