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The Short Term Fix of I, Me, Mine

The revealing aspect of sensibility divide in this country was never more clearly evident than in the aftermath of Late Night Host Jimmy Kimmel's emotional plea to preserve the Affordable Care Act. Most notably, the Tweet reply coming from a man who once served as a U.S Congressman from Illinois. "Sorry Jimmy Kimmel: your sad story doesn't obligate me or anybody else to pay for somebody else's health care." 12:39PM, May 2, 2017.

This kind of sentiment is symbolic of the huge and tragic divide splitting America into factions who are increasingly tone deaf and hostile to opposing points of view, leading to vocal protests and even in some instances, violence at public gatherings. We can not, as a society, feel that any member, especially the weakest and most needy among us, is a burden and not our responsibility as fellow human beings. If we lose sight of the connectedness of everyone and everything in our country, and truly believe that disadvantaged and needy people are "Not our problem" then where do we go and how do we evolve, and how can we co-exist except in an atmosphere of self serving, self preserving and exclusion?

Perhaps it is time to fundamentally rethink the issue of healthcare in America. Not from the stand point of market place efficiency within a capitalistic model, but as a human need best served in some other way: perhaps as a not for profit enterprise?

In the long term, the short term fix of I, Me, Mine, will not work. Leaving people behind does not ensure the welfare and advancement of any civilized society. Jimmy Kimmel stood on the stage of his own show, a privileged and wealthy human being, not afraid to share the trait of empathy with viewers across the country. This should spark dialogue and a willingness to look inward and come together around a tenable solution to the most pressing and basic consideration we have: our health.

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